Kingsmills Kempo School

Martial Arts & Self Defence In the Highland Capital

          Welcome to Kingsmills Kempo School

An Inverness Martial Arts Club - Est. 2006

We are a non-political martial arts group, who openly welcome students and instructors of other styles to study the techniques and principles of both Kempo and Ju Jitsu plus incorprating a self defence based system of Close Quarter Combat skills suitable for a Modern World.

We are the Founder Club and Members of the:  

Scottish Fighting Arts Society 


We Are a Family Friendly Martial Arts Class offering Tuition in a Fun & Relaxed Environment helping Members to Build Confidence, Keep Fit and Learn Practical Self Defence Skills


For Weapons Tuition - Kingsmills Kensei Kai Dojo

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Listen to our Instructors giving Demonstrations and being Interviewed on Local Radio

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